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    PokéUniverse Main Rules


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    PokéUniverse Main Rules

    Post  Red on Fri Jun 15, 2012 9:24 pm

    PokéUniverse. A site that was made to share the love of Pokémon with its users. And with every site comes a special set of rules that applies to it. Below are the basic rules of PokéUniverse that every member should follow.

    In PokéUniverse, you must never:
    Spam (in any post forums, etc; no spamming)
    Post junk or unnecessary things
    Judge based on race, ethnical views, or religious seeings
    and most importantly,
    Register for no reason.

    This website is a community built on the kind that enforce it. We suggest that you do the same by following these rules. It is not much and we certainly hope every user can help us achieve that goal.

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